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Green Solutions

We provide green common sense solutions and inform the customer through the pest removal process 

Advantage’s Green Approach

Advantage Pest Control is committed to protecting the environment and protecting homes and businesses from pests. This is the foundation for our complete green pest management service.

Advantage’s Green service is the logical choice for anyone interested in minimizing the use of chemicals in and around their home or business.

Advantage Pest Control uses a green approach to pest control services

Advantage’s Green service is an integrated approach that combines inspection and monitoring throughout the interior and exterior perimeters of homes and businesses to provide the highest level of pest control in the least intrusive manner. This approach is responsible and proven to be highly effective in homes and businesses across the United States.

Advantage understands that the customer involvement is paramount to the success of any green pest service. Long term solutions, proper inspection, property maintenance, less reliance on pesticides all result in an effective and environmentally sound GREEN pest service.


Identification of pests

Document conditions conducive for pest infestation (sanitation/maintenance issues)

Offer pest exclusion if needed

Set-up monitoring program

Consult with client

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