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Advantage Pest Control is ready to solve any and all ant problems you may have. There are many different ants that invade homes and businesses. Advantage has the skills, knowledge and experience to correct even the most difficult ant infestations. One of the more common ant issues comes from Pavement ants or other small sugar feeding ants entering homes and businesses through cracks in slab foundations.  Advantage has the answer for this problem. In addition, Advantage specializes in Carpenter Ants.

If you’re noticing piles of saw dust, this may be a result of Carpenter Ants. Carpenter Ants don’t actually eat wood, but they do tunnel in wood with the goal of enlarging their nest site to accommodate the constant egg laying of the queen.

Structural damage can be caused by Carpenter ants that have gone undetected for long periods of time. They are often found in wall voids, sill plates, corner posts, window frames, door frames, under attic insulation and occasionally in roofs. Carpenter Ants prefer moist wood for nest sites.

Carpenter Ants have a single node at their waist, they’re omnivorous and consume most of the foods that humans eat. They measure approximately 1-2 centimeters in length.

Carpenter Ants can be difficult to locate in houses and other structures. Advantage Pest Control has the required knowledge and expertise to solve even the most difficult Carpenter Ant problems. Careful inspection of your home from the interior and exterior provides important clues that help our skilled technicians solve your Carpenter ant problems. A specialized inspection and treatment from the best licensed technicians available in the state of Maine is what you deserve, call Advantage today at 207-774-0457 to schedule an appointment.

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