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We foster a humane approach to bird removal and or exclusion. The goal is to prevent birds from loafing and nesting on areas of buildings that may directly have adverse effects to the health and well being of its occupants or visitors. More than 60 diseases have been associated with birds and their droppings. Birds can be the host to mites, fleas, ticks and other ectoparasites that may enter buildings through air handling systems, windows, doors etc.

Advantage Pest Control specializes in permanent solutions to all pest bird problems. Our highly skilled technicians will install professional products using guaranteed methods to solve the pest bird problem professionally, quickly and humanely.  All work is customized to meet the needs of your building and the specific bird issue.


Proper clean-up and disinfecting of a site is extremely important to any site and its occupants. This requires skilled technicians to kill any disease agents left behind from the birds, so they no longer pose a health risk. Improper clean-up procedures can result in airborne contaminants and potentially putting the buildings occupants and visitors at risk of unnecessary exposure.

Aside from health related concerns, there is the aesthetics of buildings that need to be preserved. It’s not unusual for seagulls, pigeons, starlings, sparrows, grackles, barn swallows and other birds to take up residence on historic buildings, health care facilities, food manufacturing plants, warehouses, public spaces, government buildings, retail space, educational facilities, restaurants, balconies of condominiums and many other locations.

The droppings of these birds contain uric acid and potentially can degrade the life of roofing materials and other building materials, resulting in significant repair costs. Bird droppings often cause stains, resulting in expensive clean-up costs. Exclusion is 100% effective and will provide a bird free zone for many years.

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