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yyAdvantage Pest Control has been solving roach problems successfully for the past 23 years in local homes and businesses. Our success is directly a result of understanding roach biology as it relates to each individual species that we encounter. Advantage will perform a comprehensive inspection to detect the source of your roach infestation and consult with you on the best course of action to eliminate the infestation.

Different Kinds of Cockroaches

There are many different roaches that we encounter on a regular basis; here are the names of a few common culprits: German, American, Brown Banded and Oriental. Regardless of the species, Advantage stands ready and equipped with licensed, skilled, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous technicians eager to solve your roach problem. Roaches can multiply quickly and contaminate food items and are known to cause asthma in some cases. Advantage has years of experience dealing with the worst roach infestations, and we are ready to eliminate and solve your roach problem.

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