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Squirrel Control

Advantage Pest Control has been removing squirrels form homes and businesses since 1997. Squirrels enter homes to find shelter and a suitable breeding site. Attics are often the primary choice, but they have been known to enter basements, crawl-spaces, ceiling voids and porch roofs.

The damage caused by squirrels can be costly and unsightly. It’s common to find damaged & soiled insulation along with caches of nuts, acorns and seeds hidden under the insulation of attic spaces. Squirrels have been cited as a contributor to house fires due to the chewing of electrical wires. It is difficult to determine how many home fires have been a direct result of squirrels.

Advantage has the experience and knowledge required to solve any squirrel problem.  Here is a short list of squirrels that are commonly found living in homes:

Eastern Gray Squirrel

The largest of the squirrels is the Gray and typically will chew an obvious hole (the size of a tennis ball or larger) into soffits, fascia boards, behind gutters, eaves, roof peaks and attic vents. They have two litters per year, Feb-March and July-August, producing 3 to 4 kittens per litter.

Red Squirrel

The Red squirrel is active during the day and does not hibernate. It does not store food to see them through periods when food is not available and will die if they are without food for a few days. They have two litters per year, Feb-March and July-August, producing 3 to 4 kittens per litter.

Flying squirrel

Nocturnal and the smallest of these three squirrels, they often occupy a home with larger populations than other squirrels. They have one litter per year in Feb-Mar, producing 2 to 3 kittens per litter. They do not hibernate.

Eastern Chipmunks

(Not a squirrel) These small rodents can cause a lot of damage and are known for their tunneling and excavating under rock walls, patios, walkways and slab foundations. They mate twice a year, April-May and August-October. Young will leave the burrow at 6-8 weeks.

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