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Advantage Pest Control understands the seriousness of a sting from a bee, hornet or wasp. In some people it may cause them to go into anaphylactic shock. We offer residential and commercial service for stinging insects.

Hornets and Wasps

When the cooler fall months arrive, the males in these nest sites all die and the fertile females leave their nest sites never to return. They seek out suitable voids to spend their winter months in a state of dormancy. Some of the common places they like to overwinter are:

  • Attics
  • Wall voids
  • Sheds
  • Behind bark on trees
  • Many other locations

Sometimes on warm winter days these insects come out of their state of dormancy and crawl out from dark secluded voids due to the warmer temperatures which regulate their lives. These insects are phototrophic (attracted to light) and often squeeze out from dark voids into the living spaces of homes. Eventually they end up at the windows and become rather lethargic and easy to capture into the vacuum.

Honey Bees

Do not always die off at the end of the summer/fall, depending on the location of their nest. Sometimes they will survive through the winter months. If their nest site is in a location that has a moderate amount of heat from the structure, then they will survive and grow the nest site even larger in the coming spring/summer. Often a spot varying in size will appear on walls and ceilings where the honey from the bees has absorbed into the wall or ceiling material and poses a serious health risk to the occupants.

On request some Beekeepers will sometimes come to your home and remove the nest, but if you can’t arrange that to happen quick enough to suit your needs then Advantage Pest Control is ready to eliminate the bees at your request.

Bumble Bees

Are normally not aggressive, but they can and will sting if they feel threatened. Typically they like to nest behind insulation in attics or sill plates, wall voids, under porches/decks and in the ground.

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