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Your yard space should be a safe place for your family and pets to spend time enjoying each others company. Although it’s an excellent place for children to play and roam, it also may be a suitable habitat for ticks.

Ticks are external parasites because they feed on the blood of humans or animals to survive.  They are often found infesting wooded or overgrown areas and yard spaces around residences. They are usually in search of hosts, such as deer, mice and pets. It’s common to find ticks inside homes that have fallen off pets or on well manicured lawns where they have fallen off wild animals crossing through.

Lyme disease is potentially life threatening if gone undetected. Its symptoms can evolve into a debilitating illness that is often very difficult to treat.  An effective tick control service can help to reduce the populations of ticks in your yard space and along perimeters of thick vegetation.  It is impossible to eliminate every tick on your property, but Advantage offers a tick service that greatly helps to reduce tick encounters with your family and pets.

Advantage’s tick service includes a focused treatment to lawns, transitional areas and heavy vegetation along the perimeter of your property, which help to provide the best tick control available.  Advantage’s tick control offers the best protection for your property.

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